We realize videos on green screen in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Camera crews all over Europe.

We are a team of specialists in green screen video production, with a long experience starting from 2005. We work in Amsterdam and in Europe for national and international clients. 

Nowadays, the green screen technique is very much used worldwide. Also known as chroma-key technique, it basically consists in filming a subject on a monochrome background, usually green, and replace the background in post-production with any other desired setting. This means that the magic of our amazing editors can place the people on screen basically everywhere they need, without them having to travel. 

Even though green screens are often known for the gigantic Hollywood productions they’re used in, it doesn’t mean that that’s their only purpose. In fact, an interview or a presentation on green screen can be extremely useful in a corporate video, a commercial, an interview where more people have to be in the same place but, in reality, they are not and many other occasions. It can also be useful for presentations where a Power Point is involved, because each single slide can be shown on screen with the presenter next to it. 

Our camera crews of DoPs, camera operators, audio technicians and producers are used to adapt to any environment our clients’ might need. We can film in bigger studios with a green screen installed, or we can move fast and easily with our portable green screen. Always providing the best solution depending on the client’s needs and requests. 

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