We realize event videos in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. Camera crews all over Europe.

We are a team of specialists in event video production, working in Amsterdam and all over Europe. Our clients include a wide range of different companies, both national and international, who have been entrusting us with filming their events worldwide since 2005. 

Big conferences and congresses take a long time and much effort to organize, and they are always moments of invaluable importance for a company. They represent an occasion to meet with partners, share common knowledge and make new connections with potential new customers. Therefore, many of our clients request our support in creating an event video to fix these moments in time, and continue to promote them further in the future, even after the event itself has ended. 

Our camera crews have the necessary experience to film presentations, keynotes, panel discussions and all kinds of big events in the most discreet, professional manner, without disturbing in any way the flow of the day. We can provide a highlight video of the event, which may also include interviews and vox pops, or we can edit each single presentation separately, depending on our clients’ preferences and needs.

Our event video service also includes live streaming of the event on real time meetings platforms such as Zoom or Teams, and the possibility of live editing. If our clients need a social media coverage, our editors can deliver short videos to be published on a daily basis, designed especially around the clients’ preferences. 

We take pride in our great team of DoPs, camera operators, audio technicians and producers, who always work with modern, high-quality equipment to match the highest standards on the market. We provide our event video service in Amsterdam and all The Netherlands, fill in our form and we’ll be back soon with a free quote.