Armonica Film is an international video production company offering aerial filming services. We are in Amsterdam but work all over Europe.

We are a team of specialists in aerial filming, working in Amsterdam and all over Europe. Starting from 2005, we have worked for both national and international companies, giving them the best drone shots from the sky. 

An aerial shot allows us to add something more to any video. It shifts the perspective of the viewers, and immediately catches their attention. Moreover, it can be used for basically all types of video productions, from documentaries to promotional and even corporate videos. If our clients need to present their facilities to potential new clients, there is no better way than showing it with a drone. It makes everything more emotional and allows a faster connection to the viewers.

Of course, aerial filming is also perfect for artistic productions, and it can be used to present exhibitions from a different point of view. Some bigger outdoor art installations, for example, can often benefit from a view from above, and drone video is definitely the best and quicker solution to provide it. 

This kind of video productions where once very expensive and complicated to organize. Nowadays, our camera crews provide it at competitive and reasonable prices, with high quality small drones that can fly almost everywhere. And of course, if needed, our team will take care of asking the necessary authorizations to fly in restricted areas.  

We provide our aerial filming service in Amsterdam and all over The Netherland. Ask for a free quote by filling in our contact form.